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Leading ornamental plant nursery supplying Australian and international markets.



Ellison Horticultural was founded by the late Donald Ellison in the early 1980’s in Nowra, southern NSW, Australia. In 1987 his daughter Rhonda and husband David LeBrocque joined the organisation. The business started as a seed supplier of many different native Australian shrubs, trees, and palms. Later they introduced a small growing facility which mainly centred around the Kentia palm.

Don retired from the business and moved to QLD in 1990 and in 2001 David and Rhonda purchased a property in Rous, Northern NSW, Australia. They ran the business from both the Nowra and Rous properties for several years before deciding to move the entire operation to Rous. This proved a major turning point in the business as conditions for growing their plants was more favourable. The business focus then changed from seed supplier to concentrate more on creating an advance growing facility.

In 2022 The Green Family purchased the business, building on their impressive horticultural portfolio that includes Australian market leading nursery brands, Andreasens Green, Alpine Nurseries, Thrive Wholesale and Oasis Horticulture. The Green family are now focused on expanding Ellison’s product range and increasing international exports.

Varieties & Accolades

Many more varieties have been introduced over the years with the company now growing Kentias, Rhapis, Parlors, Majestics, Bangalows, Alexandras, Strelitzias, Dypsis, Clivea and Cycas just to name a few. Ellison Horticultural has won numerous awards for export in Agribusiness over the years, being named Australian Exporter of the Year, NSW Exporter of the Year and Illawarra Exporter of the Year. A

With extensive nursery infrastructure including shade houses, polly growing tunnels, germination rooms, automated potting equipment and In ground palms for onsite seed collection – Ellison has a 7.99 Hectare footprint at 267 Rous Road, Rous NSW 2477, Australia.

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